Define Your Glow

Light up your face with a fresh, radiant look that's perfect for every day.


what we'll cover


Create a flawless and polished look with these makeup tools that you can stash in your kikay kit!


Beautiful makeup starts from within. Know what skincare routine is right for your skin type so you glow from the inside out.


Lean how to make your foundation look and feel like skin, and add color and dimension to your face with natural-looking blush, highlight, and contour.


The eyes are the windows to your soul — and the eyebrows are your drapes! Learn how to do a natural brow, easy everyday lashes, and the most flattering eyeshadow.


Create a just-bitten natural-looking lip that looks smooth and fresh using any product you want.

Make Everyday Glow a Habit

Bonus 21-Day Challenge

Bring out your Inner Radiance

This online course will walk you through everything I teach in my Glowing Makeup live workshops — now made available to you online anytime, anywhere. Learn from the comfort of your home, rewatch the lessons as many times as you like, and create a glowing look that’s lit from within.

Your Instructor

Jasmine Mendiola
Jasmine Mendiola

Jasmine Mendiola's brand of beauty provides meticulous attention in strategising and executing a person's best beauty moments and brings to life a signature image for other brands or companies. Her main content revolves around finding beauty in the simple and most natural aspects of every woman's beauty moments -- big or small -- and in her everyday life such as her career, home and herself, so that she can do anything and everything else she is meant to do beautifully. Here, she provides fast and easy online classes for Personal Makeup Application, LifeSTYLE-ing and Wadrobe Curation.

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